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 Fred B., professional musician











Fred B., professional musician

This was by far one of the most enjoyable and fascinating journeys I’ve been on in recent years. My personal MBTI assessment was the first step in eliminating much self-doubt, and it allowed me to take “educated pride” in my strengths. It also allowed my to look at things I’m not that good at (I’m refraining from calling them “weaknesses”) in a healthy, objective and non-judgmental manner. I became more assertive as to how allow people to treat me, as well as I treat myself, virtually overnight. (CEO) Craig’s in-depth knowledge of a WIDE variety of subjects combined with his background as an author allows him to explain things with an amazing accuracy that hits home instantly, and his sense of humor will ensure you’ll laugh your butt off! Oh, and did I mention he was able to do my assessment in my native tongue, which is Dutch?

Annabelle Howard, Co-Founder of BIG FUN Education

Working with Craig on the characters in my novel was so valuable and different from listening to a writer speak about them. He gave me insights into personality type, emotional breaking points, and the kind of close friend my character might have. In addition, he shared very useful summaries that set off new thoughts. It’s a treat to talk about characters as if they are real people.

Jeff Goldman, professional writer & marketer

I wish I met Mindful 360 about 20 years ago. It would have saved a lot of wrong turns and heartache. A single Myers-Briggs analysis with Mindful 360’s Craig Calvert (CEO) is worth more than a year of counseling. Before you enter into a business partnership or a personal relationship, I would STRONGLY advise talking with Mindful 360. Or if you simply want deep insight into why you make many of the choices you make, Mindful 360 will give you months of new ideas to wrap your mind around. This is seriously powerful, powerful insight.

Tamara Schenk, Research Director for the MHI Research Institute

I learned, unlearned and relearned a lot. I got very valuable insights, presented and explained in an extremely practical, specific and context-focused way. Highly recommended, especially to prepare for a career change.

Nikki G.

Just had a really fascinating review following a Myers-Briggs assessment with (CEO) Craig Calvert. He is really good at what he does. Take advantage of his expertise and assessments because it’s eye opening both personally and professionally–even for me, and I came in knowing a ton about this stuff. More importantly though, doing this could benefit you in broad and deep ways, so consider this highly.