D. Craig Calvert, Neuromarketer, Jungian Expert, and MBTI Master Practitioner, ENTP

Craig Calvert has more than 20 years of neuroscience, neuromarketing, public speaking, and business communication experience. As a certified MBTI Master Practitioner*/psychometrician, he uses personality type and type dynamics to improve and empower individuals, couples, teams, and entire organizations. Not only does he provide insight into personal, professional, and organizational development, he is a polymath who can also show how to use type dynamics in conflict resolution, marketing, branding, and business communication. In addition to his MBTI Master Practitioner certification, he earned his BA from the University of Memphis (English Literature, Linguistics, & International Relations) and his TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) from the University of West Bohemia in the Czech Republic.

Craig Calvert is a musician, contact juggler, voice-over artist, extensive world traveler, and (as he puts it) speaks “dozens of languages very badly.” He is the author of A Pint of Pain, as well as producing a wide range of business publications, with established expertise in employee recognition/motivation, productivity, time management, memetics, linguistics, Rational Choice Theory, nutritional ketosis, fasting, neuroscience, and Jungian type theory. When trivia night rolls around, you definitely want this guy on your team.

Summit-thinking-Craig-CalvertHe had the unique experience of being raised by a vicious and unthinkably cruel psychopath, yet he survived and thrived, going on on to learn everything he could to deeply understand the brain and help others get past even the toughest obstacles imaginable. Though an exceptionally strong ENTP, he has developed his Feeling, Sensing, and Judging to unusually high levels for this personality type, and he loves to show others how to develop their tertiary and inferior mental functions. He is also a tireless autism and neurodiversity advocate, with no tolerance for discrimination of any kind.

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